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Scholarship for studying in Daemen College in the US by 2021

  1. Information about Daemen College

Daemen College is located in Buffalo city, New York State, United States. Each year, the school welcomes international students from over 32 countries and 22 states in the US. The training program is a combination of intelligence and professional skills through internships, professional experience and practice, collaborative research and study overseas. The proportion of students / professors is 13: 1, therefore, students will receive close attention from professors and lecturers to assist in the process of learning and professional careers in the future.

  1. The main disciplines

Daemen College is trained many different industries, serving diverse learning needs for the students. In particular, the main disciplines:

Business Administration

Nursing Science

Education and Science

Special education

Health care

Physical therapy


III. Scholarship program for studying in the US by 2017

  1. President’s Merit Scholarships

$ 9.500 – $ 12.500 in total fees – Scholarships according to academic performance are awarded based on academic results.

$ 2,000 is a reward of accommodation for international students on campus.

Specials: Scholarships will be renewed annually for the full time students of higher education while maintaining a GPA of 3.0.

  1. Scholarships for 4 -year students

This prestigious scholarship is to choose the students with the highest achievement. (To receive the scholarship, you must be nominated first. Students must attend TRANSFER Scholars Day to qualify)

Total value: $ 10,000 – $ 12,000

Quantity: 6

Conditions: 3.0 QPA and forms of full-time University.

  1. International Scholarships

Students belonging to undergraduate and graduate university will have the opportunity to receive scholarships based on academic performance. Scholarships from $ 9,500 – $ 14,500 is equivalent to tuition in the school year.