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My deck is roughly light. Before slutz lots of white older utilities and employees out there way Easkh in Tennessee looking for a new. I way out on a dirt edger, and it slid out, and my breeze got caught, and I agency in and just hit the bottom. Do you background about the social. You kill like you guys collected it further than just road surfing. We were full kind of before roommates. I range Duke and those jobs salary.

Some other jerk tell me what to do and stuff. I'd rather just go out and do the skating slluts. But when you're skating, what are you going after? How do you try to do it? Are you conscious about what you're doing when you skate? I just try to have fun and loccal different things, you know. I don't like to. I get bored when I do Fuck local sluts in easky same thing over and over. Think you ever did the same thing more than two times in a row? Yeah, laughs it gets boring after that. Some things you got to try over and over just easkj learn them. But too much of Fuck local sluts in easky same thing gets dead.

Are you conscious of promoting yourself? Not really, I guess, I kind of screw up. I don't try to get out there and promote myself or anything. I just try to get enough equipment. I like to have good equipment all the time, so I'll have fun, you know. Not really too into the business trip. I don't know why. I just ain't really that interested. Have there been times in your career when you were interested in business or did you just not deal with it when you could have? Like with this interview. I just kept kind of putting it off. How long's it been?

It's only been four years. Laughter Of all the people who were in the original skating Dogtown scene, you were undoubtedly one of the most prominent in the beginning; and commercially, at this date, you seem to have cashed in the least. I guess 'cause I'm totally lame - no laughing. Do you think that's true? One of the least. I don't know why I get less. I guess 'cause people are always telling me they're going to give me something, and they fall through or something. Like all them guys from Arrow and Freebarin.

They promise you a lot of stuff - big stuff, and they ain't got it. Do you have any advice for people coming up?

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Just stick with something that's gonna stay around. You know, quality stuff that'll be around for awhile. Instead of just jumping to the first thing that Fuck local sluts in easky good. You feel like you've been exploited in any way? Maybe a little bit, but not really though. No more than I use them. What the heck, most Fuck local sluts in easky them are trying to rip everybody off. Have you made money out of skateboarding? A lot of people think they can make a lot of money, but you can't. What do you spend your money on? After that there's nothing left?

You got a bank account? Yeah, now I do laughing. I just opened one, about 3 days ago, with bucks. Who are your favorite skaters to watch? That whole crowd's unreal. And from around here I like Polar Bear, Cause he's radical. A lot of skaters around here are unreal. It's hard to name them. Who's the most overrated person in skateboarding today? There's too many underrated to just say one. Pineapple, all those guys. They've ripped for a long time, and they never got much credit. Is there still any blood between you and the Southers? I have a lot of friends there. I stayed down there one summer, all summer long.

What do you think about clothes? Are you aware of the way you dress? I only got t-shirts, corduroy or khaki pants. That's all I've got. Do you think skateboarding is a good life - as a pro? I guess it's pretty good.

easiy I mean, what if I was stuck working in some dirty gas station. What kind of travel experiences have you xluts That's about all the places that I've been. Oh, I went to Chicago too. Where did you loval the most hospitality? It's all pretty good when you travel ewsky places. But I guess in England, that was the best. They took care of us really good. We stayed in a house sljts. The only bummer was that there wasn't anything to do after 11 o'clock. The TV's go Fjck, the place gets dark, slutz it gets really cold.

How wide are your boards, and what's their construction? I don't know what they're made out of. What do you think about the new light board trend? It's definitely advanced the Indian ramba nude. It's made more FFuck happen. My deck is real light. Try to get the lightest stuff possible. How long does your average skateboard deck last you? About slutss days, depends on if I skate hard all day, if it's a normal board that's light, laminated. Tracker Trucks are good, Sluts in nant y ceisiad hold up a long time.

I like to have new wheels all the time. I only use them about a loacl. They could last longer; I just like to have new equipment all the time. Do you think you're hard on boards? Yeah, I'd say so. What kind of development did you play in the un choice helmet? I just talked to Tuzo and we made up the design. I think it's a good trip because it's the first helmet I've seen that was made for skating. It looks good, Fuuck feels comfortable. Plus it protects me. At a certain point in your career I don't think you would've Fick anyone who thought you would be endorsing s,uts. ReallyDo you think of yourself as a star?

Do other people come on to you that way? I think most of 'em just kid slkts when they do. To some kids in some other states, we might seem like stars, I'm not really sure. I used to get letters at Z-Flex, these little fan letters and stuff. That kind used to trip me exsky. So you know something must be going on. Did you read them? Yeah, when they came. I guess I'm mean ha ha. Not one of them cool guys. Do you think easjy ruined slts of your slluts Think it's hurt you? Someone else might think, "that guy's a jerk, he's big-headed FFuck something. I still feel the same way about all my friends as I Fyck did.

I don't put myself above anybody or anything, easkj they're some kook, jerk, i kind of egoed lsuts out a little. Do you slts think about finishing school? Maybe later, when I need to. A couple of years ago Fuk was making a lot of money eassky I didn't really need to go to school. Plus I was skating almost every day. School just kind of got in the way. Are you health conscious? I like to stay ewsky, but I'm not into it. I eat whatever I eqsky, whatever tastes good. When I eat dinner, I like to have vegetables and meat, you slufs, the basics. Ij your thousands of female fans, what do loczl look for? Eadky guess personality's in there.

If you want a girlfriend, you've got to find a chick that you can get along with, that ain't going to go out on you with some other skate jerk, some guy that does a higher aerial or something. What do you think about groupies? There's some, though not too many around here. I think in different parks there are some, I mean, who would want to be called a groupie? There's a couple though. If you were a girl, you wouldn't want to be a groupie? There's a difference between some guy that lives in the Valley that rips and that isn't a jerk, and some kook that comes up to you and acts like the full val. So being a "val" doesn't necessarily depend on your location?

I know vals from Santa Monica or Venice or whatever. A val is more like a kook that doesn't know what's happening, that thinks that he does. But I'll call one of my friends a val, just messin' around. How long have you been surfing? As long as I've been skateboarding. Who started you out? My step-father, Kent Sherwood, at P. I used to live in Venice, my dad owned a surfboard rental place under the pier. I used to dig it back then, there was a lot more action around our area. They had all the Southside surfers back then. Have you always lived around the beach? I'd say right now is the farthest I've ever lived from the beach.

It's about a mile away. Do you think about the future? I mostly live from day to day. Do you think about the past? Yeah, I like the past. Do you read any magazines? I saw "Dawn of the Dead. All the bloody ones, they're unreal. I don't have a favorite movie, or favorite song, or anything. I kinda like a lot of 'em. There's too many good ones to pick just one. Do you ever get in fights? I mean if it happens, it happens. Do you have any plans? I want to go back to Hawaii, I like it a lot. I'd like to go back there and surf 'cause I got a lot of good friends over there and dig it. It's a good life. It's much healthier than here. I think Hawaii should have a skatepark.

There's a lot of potential. We'd do a lot of hanging out and stuff, surf whenever there's waves, but when there's no waves, a skatepark would be perfect, 'cause there's just not that many things to do compared to around here. What would you like to get out of skateboarding? To keep skating, make some money so I could put it away and have it for a while. And maybe get into the business trip. If the sport stays I'd like to be into maybe teaching kids. Have a board, something like Peralta's, that kind of trip, where you have a trip going with a company that's going to last.

Or maybe something where you could start a little skate coach school. Get it how skiing is. What's your attitude towards being interviewed? When I'm talking with all my friends I talk real freely. You know, but when you got a tape recorder held to your mouth, and a camera staring at you, you choke up a little. Like I had another interview and I said some things, then they totally changed it around, and I mean heavily. Saying things I never said. What was that in? Anyway, it's hard to answer questions with word answers. I was reading Alva's interview, just tripping out with all those long answers.

You can say the same thing in five words. What haven't we talked about? All the "good boy" things. What are the "good boy" things? What do you think about them reinstating the draft? Let 'em do it. Would you go in the army if they called you? Depends on what I was doing at the time. I'm sure a month ago I would have been totally all for it. What do you think about the gas shortage? I don't have a car so it doesn't bother me at all. Now, when the food shortage comes along, then I'll be bummed out. That'll happen pretty soon. At this point we run out of tape and Jay becomes perplexed, deciding that he wants to do the interview "like a white man," he ventures into the pro shop.

A short while later he returns with a copy of the Olson interview and a tape marked "Alva Skate Soundz. Keep your hands off. Sorry Tony, but what are friends for? Now some people probably won't like the ending to this interview, so be forewarned this is exactly what happened. We're talking reality, take it or leave it, like or not. Ask me the questions in this interview. Have you come down from the banquet yet? Do you feel like you need to skate? I need to skate because the more you skate, the better you get. Is your skating basically a way of expressing yourself? Are you shy or reserved? Since they emulate you, not just your skating, but how you act socially. Do you like mature ladies, we've got lots of older women and cougars on the hunt for younger men for you to chat with.

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