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My daughter is battling with Loookin for the last 6 years Lokin 2 kids later and I am so afraid for her. Many, many times she has cleaned her act up and then hide the fact she is getting high again. I don;t want to be the bad person and take her kids away but I am to the point where I love my daughter but my grandkids need a safe enviroment to grow up in. What do I need to do to help my daughter. When CPS called me to pick up my grandaughter Monday, July 27th, The investigater yelled at me while i was holding my grandchild in my arms with nothing on but a dirty buddg. She icee "how come you did not contact us" do you love your granchild?

How can we be sure you would take care of the child if you continue to sit back and do nothing until it's too late. That was an eyeopener. You would be hepling your grandkids by getting CPS involved. It's a long process however, they make it mandantory for the drug addict to complete programs that are free to them. My daughter chose the drugs over her own child and blames me for everything. I worry about her. But now I have adopted my grandaughter and life is good for her now. When CPS called me to pick up my grandaughter Monday, July 27th, If you sit back and do nothing cps will assume that you are not the right person to take care of the children.

It's not a matter of If they will take your children Deianara Monday, August 10th, My boyfriend is a addict. He has been coming off of this stuff the past two days, 3 now. I have asked him to get help, but he still isn't in a very stable mind-set at the moment, so he says that he doesn't want to violate probation by going to treatment, and "I'm" all the help he needs. I am at a point where I am stuck, I love him, and care for him but I don't think I am mentally strong enough to help him unless he seeks treatment. My mom doesn't want me to have contact with him, but I fear of him using again if I don't.

We had also talked about him enlisting in the military as well, do you think that would be a good choice other than treatment? I know he wants to get better, but life keeps getting to him, I guess this is the "depression stage" you was talking about in the blog. What should I do? Someone please help me. It is clear that he needs structured addiction help and treatment. Does he have a family that can support him? Maybe they will be willing to book him in a treatment facility and stage an intervention, so he will finally realize what he's doing to himself and others. I believe in your effort to save him, just be careful that it doesn't become threatening to your well-being. My mother had soo many health problems.

From thyroid, kidney failure, triple bypass open heart surgery, went blind thankfully got her vision back her left leg amputated, and many many times infection in her amputated leg "called gang green". Her death certificate says she died from heart failure. Failure of kidneys, and gang green. I'll rewind till the time she started using meth. My step dad, her husband of 14 years died in his sleep of natural causes and it took a toll on my mother. With all of these health issues and spending most of her time in a wheelchair since she was a severe diabetic also her leg would not heal so you can only imagine everything she felt on the inside.

I was the daughter who involved her in everything. She was my true best friend. We did everything together. I was her health care provider. I took care of her. I met a man who I feel deeply in love with and moved 4 hours away. I think it was gods way of making me ready for her to leave me, because if I wouldn't have ever left her death would have been so much so much harder on me than it was and it was "is" still hard on me. She swore up and down to me that she did not do it she knew better with her health problems. She swore on my life. And if you knew my mother's love for me you would know she would never lie to me about anything and especially put it on my life.

She seemed so different she didn't seem like herself anymore. But I believed her. My next visit to her she had lost a good bit of weight and looked sick. I thought it was just her health. I went on and on and on about how if she was using meth I would leave her life. She swore and swore she didn't use, but again I believed her. She had lost alot of more weight I was starting to see the outlines of her cheek bones. She kept her body hidden with long sleeves and pants. She looked like she was dying. I preeched and preeched and told her did she really want me to be without a mother.

Did she really want die. Not see her future grandchildren if I ever had children. I told her I would not watch her die. I would go into her bedroom to find her in the master bathroom with a tray of meth. She would say she was only getting it ready for her boyfriend so he could have it as soon as he walked through the door coming from work. I didn't believe her I wanted to but I knew better. She still swore on my life she wasn't using but in my heart I just knew she was. He travels alot for work and I go with him. Her boyfriend had left her said he wasn't going to sit around and watch Local adult hookers in asuncion die.

She said he was talking about her health. And honestly there was no health left in her. She had lost all of her weight she was mainly just bones. I could see her skull through her skin. Her cheekbones were sticking out she looked as if she would fall over dead any moment. It broke my heart I remember being scared to touch my own mothers skin because she was so so sick. She said it Lookin for smoke ice buddy just health problems and she was fine. There was an infection in her only foot. She promised me she would go get it taken care of as soon as she got home. Healing wounds on her body have always taken much much longer than a normal person due to her health.

Lookin for smoke ice buddy I went back to my hotel room to see my boyfriend as he got off of work I told him. Im loosing my mother. I believe she will not live much longer. I didn't let her know how I was feeling about her and that is the biggest mistake of my life. Two weeks later- I got the call my mom was in the hospital with gang green in her foot and they had to amputate her only leg that was left. My mother always told me she wouldn't live through another surgery. But she did, two days after surgery in the middle of the night her heart stopped and her difbulator went off the doctors put her on a ventilator.

I lied to my family and said I was out of state and couldn't make it to say goodbye. I just couldn't be there. Without my mom knowing I said goodbye that last time I had seen her. I had to give a doctor my grandparents permission to take my mom off of the machine. My mother denied the fact she was using all the way till the end, and now she's gone and I'll never get to hear her admit it. I know she was and I was so stupid to turn my cheek. If I would ha e done something, anything, I would still have my mom. I would havery never had to seen her the way I did. She was my world and the best woman you could imagine. She had so many things wrong in her life and she too choose to turn to drugs.

It's like she couldn't see herself in the mirror. Our family didn't know about the drugs and I feel I should tell my grandma her mom, but I just can't. No one should have to know that. I know I'm a stranger and you don't know me or my family but as a daughter who had a mother that did meth. I turned my back and look where it got me. But on the same note I feel as if I would have told her I knew she was doing it and if I hadn't let her let me believe she wasn't and if I would have turned my back and left her life completely I feel that would have been enough to make her see she had to stop.

Maybe if I would have threatened her with she will never see me or my family ever again until she was clean sober and healthy, maybe just maybe she would have stopped and it would have saved her life. Please don't be mad at your children for leaving you, yes you need them of course you do but maybe they are smarter than me and doing the right thing by leaving hoping they will save your life. For a moment, please visualize this. You think your fine, and still healthy, and your blind to what meth is really doing to you. But your daughters see you.

They way they see you scares them to death trust me. Image them, your husband, your grandchildren, your friends, in this world without you. Living with regret for the rest of their life's thinking they did the wrong thing by walking away. Having to live with that day in day out. Loosing sleep, crying wishing you were here. Begging for signs from you to let them know your okey and you don't blame them and you don't hate them. Unfortunately, we are unable to facilitate meetings between your current pet and potential greyhound so please leave them at home. If you would like your current pet to meet the potential new greyhound, please arrange this separately with GAP where you can do this at the Seymour or Baxter properties.

Will there be cat-tolerant greyhounds available for adoption? If you would like to adopt a cat-tolerant greyhound, please contact GAP directly on 03 What greyhounds are up for adoption? In the week leading up to the event, we will publish the list of greyhounds that will be available on the day, which we will post on this page closer to the event. However, if you register prior to Thursday 2nd August, you will receive an email by Friday 3rd August, with information regarding the day which includes the list of greyhounds available.

Can I have a greyhound held for me and just pick up on the day? We cannot hold a greyhound s for you. There are more coming through the program on a weekly basis, so the right one will come along eventually, you just need to give it time.

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