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Harriers may use the same patch of shrubs, field, or general area for several years SealyBalfour and CadburySerrentinoEngland Incubation and feeding of the young is done by the female only Hamerstrom During incubation and the early portion of the nestling stage, the female rarely leaves the nest. At this time she is supplied with food by the male, accomplished by a "food pass" in which the male drops the prey to her Free sex dating in scotland ga 31083 mid-air over or near the nest BreckenridgeHecht When she is absent, he drops the prey into the nest and usually leaves immediately Breckenridge When the nestlings are about two weeks old, the female leaves the nest to hunt more frequently Hecht Sex in saint michaels horny women, Schipper Newly-hatched harriers are covered with a layer of white down.

Their eyes open a few hours after hatching. Mean weight at hatching is For the first five days, the nestlings are almost continually brooded by the female Hecht Between two and three weeks of age the young begin to make tunnels in the vegetation adjacent to the nest. These tunnels may be used as escape routes Balfour and MacDonald Between the third and fourth weeks, the young lose most of their down and acquire their distinctive juvenal plumage Watson The young are usually able to fly at 30 days, and have become fairly proficient flyers at 35 days Hammond and Henry The lightest individuals and those with the most well developed flight feathers, usually the males, fledge first Scharf and Balfour Because hatching occurs asynchronously, the nest contains young of varying sizes.

The smallest nestlings often do not survive because of competition for food with their larger nest-mates BreckenridgeBalfour and MacDonald Female nestlings are larger than males for most of the nestling period Scharf and BalfourPicozzi The average life span is approximately seven years in the wild Brown and Amadon The longest life span of a banded, free-ranging, individual was 16 years, 5 months Clapp et al. Juvenile mortality has been attributed to starvation and malnutrition Craighead and Craighead Hatching success varies greatly both among years and study areas.

For data on fledgling production for polygynous females, see Balfour and CadburyHamerstrom et al. The frequency of renesting after nest failure is low. Renesting has been documented in populations studied in New Brunswick SimmonsMichigan Craighead and Craigheadand the Dakotas Duebbert and Lokemoen In Wisconsin, the adults left the study area within 24 hours of nest failure Hamerstrom Polygyny has been well documented Breckenridge ; Hecht ; Clark ; Balfour and Cadbury ; Hamerstrom et al. In mainland Scotland, the frequency of polygynous matings was low Picozzi However, in the Orkney Islands in Scotland, polygyny accounted for a majority of the mating associations in some years Balfour and CadburyBalfour ; Picozzi In Wisconsin and New Brunswick, the occurrence and frequency of polygyny was related to meadow vole abundance.

High vole numbers led to increases in 1 the numbers nesting, 2 the number of yearlings nesting, and 3 the occurrence of polygyny. In the Orkney Islands and on Long Island, New York, the occurrence of polygyny was related to an unbalanced sex ratio that resulted in a shortage of male breeders PicozziEngland Balfour and Cadbury noted that polygyny was fairly rare until the s, when the population began to increase from a low point. Between the s and s more females than males were reared in the population Picozzi ; during recent years, more males than females have fledged. May aggregate in communal roosts in winter in areas of high prey density Evans ; see also Palmer In winter, may hunt in same area for several consecutive days see Palmer In the nonbreeding season, females may defend preferred feeding areas against males.

Vegetation structure affects harrier habitat selection and hunting behavior. Harriers often increase flight altitude with increasing vegetation height, enabling them to "see" into the vegetation SchipperSerrentino Breeding density about 0. Breeding density and dispersion of are affected by the abundance of prey species Hamerstromthe occurrence of polygyny Balfour and CadburySimmons et al. The number of nesting harriers increases during high meadow vole abundance in those populations that prey primarily on voles Hamerstrom; Clark ; Simmons et al. Polygyny tends to increase the degree of nest clumping in breeding populations Balfour and CadburySimmons et al.

In Orkney, the distance between nests decreased with increasing harem size Picozzi Harriers often occupy the same nest sites sxe nesting territories, scotlamd not the nest itself, for several years SealyBalfour and CadburySerrentinoEngland In New Hampshire, a ses nested in the same field for a minimum of five years Serrentino Both Picozzi and Simmons and Smith noted that high densities of breeding harriers in some 3108 were ssex a reflection of habitat quality. At a moorland site in mainland Scotland Picozzinest densities were much lower than densities on the Eating Islands Balfour and Cadbury Differences between the two areas included Fgee abundance of prey Ftee the scotlsnd and wetlands at Datinb Picozzi Simmons and Smith postulated that harrier nest densities at a Free sex dating in scotland ga 31083 wet marsh in New Brunswick were higher than those reported in other areas because of increased availability of nest sites and high Fref of meadow voles.

The sizes of hunting ranges vary widely during the breeding season in different areas, presumably because of differences in habitat types, availability of prey species, distribution of nest sites, and stage of the breeding cycle Craighead and CraigheadBalfour and MacDonaldBalfour and CadburySerrentino In two midwestern studies, the range sizes for pairs varied from 2. Males usually have larger hunting ranges than females Hecht Daftar chat sex, SchipperWatson Schipper reported range sizes from 1. Hunting range sizes of approximately 0. In North Dakota, breeding gaa were found only in grassland patches greater than hectares, and were sed in large patches more often than statistically expected Johnson and 310083 Little data are available on the range sizes of nonbreeding harriers.

In Michigan, wintering birds flew up to eight kilometers scohland roost sites to hunting ranges Craighead and Craighead Dsting number hunting in a particular area eex with kn distance from the roost, and hunting range size varied from 0. In the Netherlands, appeared to have fixed csotland ranges of unidentified sizes Sctland et al. Cold or rainy weather may aex affect breeding success. Egg-laying may be delayed by cold weather WatsonSchipper Prolonged periods of rainy weather, particularly during the incubation and nestling stages, may datimg nest desertion or death of nestlings from exposure FollenSimmons et al.

Dting high aex have destroyed nests in coastal areas Sotland Raptors are susceptible to a number of bacterial ba viral diseases. Numerous species of endoparasites, blood protozoans, and srx have been recorded in raptors. Little is known of the effects of diseases and parasites dzting wild populations because of the scarcity of data and the difficulty associated with separating the direct causes of death from diseases sating parasites with the indirect causes e. External and internal parasites have been found on free-living northern harriers SatingScharfSexxAnderson and FreemanPence g Y Long Distance Migrant: Y Mobility and Migration Comments: Generally arrives in northern breeding scorland in March-April and May in 30183.

Northward migration may continue in an area even after local nesting has begun. Southward migration in the U. Northern breeders may migrate farther south than do some more sedentary populations breeding at lower latitudes Palmer During migration, harriers move in a broad front at heights up to m Kerlinger They have been observed traveling along both coastal kn inland ridges at numerous sites in eastern North America NagyBildstein et al. Sattler and Bart stated that harriers may not be as conspicuous as other raptors during migration because scoyland their frequent use of flapping flight versus soaring, and their tendency to migrate individually or in small flocks.

Harriers scotlanx not appear to avoid crossing water during datkng. They have been seen "island hopping" in Maine, and have been observed in Bermuda, datnig Bahamas, and the West Indies BildsteinKerlinger Most of the information kn harrier migration comes scotlsnd the autumn season. In the Northeast, the peak daating fall migration occurs during September in Maine Appellfrom the last week in September to the first week in October in Rhode Island C. In Frwe Virginia, one or two harriers are usually observed migrating over the eastern mountain ridges Freee September to early October Hall At Hawk Mountain in Pennsylvania, the peak period for harrier migration is October Free sex dating in scotland ga 31083 November, although their entire migratory period ranges from August to November BrounSpoffordNagy During Dting and September, immature harriers are the most common, followed by both adults and immatures in varying numbers in October.

Adult males are predominant later in the season Nagy During the spring migration in central Wisconsin, adult males preceded both adult females and immatures, and adult females arrived before immatures at potential breeding areas Hamerstrom The birds had dispersed in a general southern direction, with recoveries from North Dakota oneKansas oneTexas sixLouisiana oneMexico oneand British Columbia one. More than half the birds were recovered within one year seven of Between and12 returns were received from harriers banded as nestlings on the Buena Vista Marsh in Wisconsin F. The birds had migrated in a general south-southeasterly direction and all were recovered during their first fall and winter.

Returns were from the following states: Herbaceous wetland Palustrine Habitat s: Marshes, meadows, grasslands, and cultivated fields. Perches on ground or on stumps or posts. Nests on the ground, commonly near low shrubs, in tall weeds or reeds, sometimes in bog; or on top of low bush above water, or on knoll of dry ground, or on higher shrubby ground near water, or on dry marsh vegetation. A wide range of open habitats and vegetative associations are used, including abandoned fields, upland maritime heaths, wet hayfields, salt marshes, and cattail marshes Serrentino Nests are placed on the ground, usually in dense cover.

Nesting sites have included abandoned fields in dense stands of meadowsweet Spiraea latifolia or red-osier dogwood Cornus stolonifera in New Hampshire Serrentinoupland maritime heaths comprised of northern bayberry Myrica pensylvanicablack huckleberry Gaylussacia baccata and wild rose Rosa spp. Breeding sites in New Jersey saltmarshes on the Atlantic coast have been found in pure stands of common reed Phragmites australisas well as in salt hay grass Spartina patens and smooth cordgrass Spartina alterniflora Dunne On Long Island, nests were found in stands of common reed and poison ivy Toxicodendron radicans England Other nesting habitats in the Northeast are cattail marshes Laughlin and KibbeSerrentinobogs HallLaughlin and KibbeAndrle and Carrollnative grassland prairies Genoways and Brennerand dwarf conifer forest England In California, habitats include freshwater marshes, brackish and saltwater marshes, wet meadows, weedy borders of lakes, rivers and streams, annual and perennial grasslands including those with vernal poolsweed fields, ungrazed or lightly grazed pastures, some croplands especially alfalfa, grain, sugar beets, tomatoes, and melonssagebrush flats, and desert sinks MacWhirter and BildsteinJ.

Shuford and Gardali Harriers nest on the ground, mostly within patches of dense, often tall, vegetation in undisareas MacWhirter and Bildstein In the Northeast, winter in greatest numbers in the saltmarshes of the Atlantic coast, with the winter population exhibiting a tendency to increase from north to south National Audubon Society, Although harriers appear to prefer coastal regions in the Northeast, they will range inland during the winter when suitable open habitats are available Rootthough avoiding the mountainous interior. Other habitats used by harriers during the nonbreeding season in both coastal and inland areas include agricultural fields croplands, hayfields, and pasturesabandoned fields, and freshwater wetlands.

Elsewhere in North America, wintering harriers have been observed in habitats similar to those in the Northeast Craighead and CraigheadBildsteinTemelesCollopy and BildsteinLittlefield and Thompson Communal roosting flocks may be formed during the nonbreeding season, beginning in October and often breaking up at the onset of spring migration Bildstein Harriers roost on the ground in open habitats such as agricultural and abandoned fields, and saltmarshes Weller et al. The same roost may be used for several nights or for several months BentCraighead and Craighead The number of birds using roosts varies from several to 60 individuals, and roosts may be shared with short-eared owls Asio flammeus.

Roost sites may be abandoned during periods of flooding or heavy snow Bildstein or when prey becomes depleted in areas adjacent to roosts Craighead and CraigheadBildstein Selection of hunting habitat is affected by several parameters including proximity to the nest site SchipperMartinSerrentinosex and age of the individual Schipper et al. During the breeding season, females often hunt in areas adjacent to the nest site SchipperMartinSerrentino Males hunt farther from the nest where they may encounter habitat types different than those located adjacent to nests. Differences in habitat selection have been observed among adult females, adult males, and juveniles. In Ohio, intersexual differences in habitat selection were related to prey choice Bildstein Females were observed significantly more often than males in fallow fields where small mammals were common.

Adult males preferred corn stubble where avian prey was predominant. Unsexed juveniles relied primarily on mammals. Harriers select habitats on the basis of the availability and abundance of prey species. In the Netherlands, harriers preyed upon common voles Microtus arvalis in agricultural areas when voles were accessible and populations were high Schipper et al. However, when voles became concealed by heavy snowfall, harriers hunted in reedbeds where avian prey was common. During the nonbreeding season harriers may defend hunting territories Temeles In California, females defended hunting territories against other females and males, and aggressively excluded males from preferred hunting habitats such as fallow fields.

The substantial size difference between male and female harriers is probably responsible for female dominance of males. Carnivore Immature Food Habits: Depending on availability, eats small mammals especially voles and cotton ratssmall and medium-size birds especially passerinesand some reptiles, amphibians, large insects, carrion. Hunts over open land or marshes; usually flies low when hunting, captures prey on ground. Palmer During the breeding season, young are fed primarily small mammals and birds. In Pennsylvania, a variety of birds, mostly juvenile, were important prey for the young, and included northern flickers Colaptes auratuseastern meadowlarks Sturnella magnared-winged blackbirds Agelaius phoeniceusbobolinks Dolichonyx oryzivorusAmerican robins Turdus migratoriusand mourning doves Zenaida macroura Randall Other prey taken were several species of mice Microtus, Peromyscus, and Zapus spp.

In New Hampshire, microtine rodents and small and medium-sized birds were the most common prey of harriers Serrentino When prey could be identified, the following were noted; shorttail shrew Blarina brevicaudameadow vole Microtus pennsylvanicusmeadow jumping mouse Zapus hudsoniusruffed grouse Bonasa umbellusnorthern flicker, American robin, bobolink, and garter snake. In a population breeding on the barrier beaches of Long Island, New York, the meadow vole was the primary prey, with avian species being of secondary importance England Waders and passerine birds were the avian groups represented in greatest frequency in prey remains.

Small mammals and birds were also the most important prey taken in other North American studies BreckenridgeHechtCraighead and CraigheadToland Harriers in New Brunswick concentrated on meadow voles early in the breeding season, with juvenile birds becoming the most common prey item during the mid and late nestling stages Barnard et al. In Michigan and Ohio, prey taken in winter consisted primarily of meadow voles Craighead and CraigheadBildstein In Pennsylvania, several rodent species Microtus, Peromyscus, and Zapus spp.

At a freshwater marsh in Florida, the birds preyed primarily on cotton rats Collopy and Bildstein Godfrey and Fedynich reported that harriers appeared to take waterfowl opportunistically in Texas. During the breeding season, high prey densities have been associated with increased breeding success Hamerstrom et al. The number of breeding harriers increased during periods of high meadow vole abundance in Wisconsin HamerstromHamerstrom et al. In New Brunswick, clutch size was positively correlated with vole indices and high provisioning rates by males were associated with an increase in the number surviving to fledging Simmons et al.

The starvation of nestlings was more common during vole population lows. Harrier density and distribution may be affected by prey abundance during the winter. The number observed at winter roosts increased during winters when meadow vole abundance was high Weller et al. Bildstein also observed that the placement of roost sites was related, in part, to the density of prey in the surrounding areas. Roost sites were commonly situated in the center of the birds' hunting areas. Crepuscular, Diurnal Immature Phenology: The following list is of escorts who mention spanking or submissive services on their web site, or have reviews on which say they accept spankings.

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