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The Commercial and Legal? Influence of Marijuana Influencers With an increasing number of brands across virtually every industry expanding beyond traditional advertising these days, the use of social media influencers has become increasingly prevalent. And the legal marijuana industry is no exception. Federal law makes launching advertising campaigns for cannabis a real struggle. Even in states where weed is legal, it can be tough to find ways to advertise your company without running into legal obstacles. This is one of the reasons why celebrity influencers are becoming a bigger and bigger thing when it comes to marketing marijuana.

Inlarge Canadian cannabis producer Tweed partnered with Snoop Dogg to provide Canada with high-end cannabis. The partnership went further than a couple of Instagram posts. The new business partners worked together to select and market high-quality strains, thus increasing their chances of long-term success. More thanpeople follow the senior citizen for her hilarious Instagram posts, proving that people of all ages, backgrounds, or careers can become important influencers for cannabis companies. Can Influencers Influence Lawmakers? As more and more people get more and more used to seeing celebrities talk about, promote, and use cannabis on their social media profiles, public support for full marijuana legalization will only continue increase.

Perhaps more lawmakers will be influenced by that public support — or those same influencers. Most commonly used by multiple sclerosis patients, Sativex contains non-synthetic cannabinoids. Cannabis in any other form is currently and strictly prohibited in England. But a recent incident involving a year-old boy could spur change very soon. The boy, who had been featured in British newspapers after he travelled to the United States to obtain CBD to treat his severe epilepsy, had his CBD seized by airport authorities upon returning to England. This is only one of many stories of young patients in Great Britain who could benefit from medical marijuana to treat medical conditions or alleviate associated symptoms.

Time for Change Later this month Julydoctors in Great Britain will be allowed to order medical marijuana for their patients in exceptional cases. All we know is that the doctor must be able to proof that the patient can not be helped by any other form of medication. As a result, it might become hard for patients to find physicians willing to take the risk of being held responsible in case something goes wrong. None of this is true. In June, shunning the desires of parents with autistic children camped outside his office, Gov. John Hickenlooper vetoed a bill passed by the state Legislature that would have added autism to the list of conditions qualifying someone for legal medical cannabis access.

There are clinical trials underway in Israel, and pushes to fund similar studies in the United States. Still, what literature there is in America does note several instances where cannabis products seemed to improve symptoms. This is an ongoing issue in a delicate balance. As Leafly reported, only five states allow autistic people to legally access full-plant cannabis medications — and Colorado will not be added to that list anytime soon. An Over-the-counter Counterargument Only 93, people in Colorado are registered marijuana patients. Fair enough — legalization is good, and in most cases, it should be regulated — but it cannot be at the expense or hindrance of medical.

The good news is that most voters in most places get this. Medical cannabis is real, necessary, and important. Just What The Economy Ordered? There are plenty of reasons why people want to legalize weed. And there of plenty of reasons why people want cannabis to remain criminalized. The reality, however, is that there are several distinct — and rather obvious— economic benefits of legalizing weed. These benefits are already noticeable in states that have already legalized recreation cannabis, like Colorado and Oregon.

This data was compiled by an organization called New Frontier Data that specializes in vetting and analyzing unbiased data in the cannabis industry. Although tax rates are always subject to change, but clearly the data shows the government could benefit from billions of dollars they are currently completely missing out on. An Eye On Employment In states where cannabis is legalized, one of the biggest benefits has come in the form of reduced unemployment rates. For example, Colorado legalized marijuana in One of the added benefits of legalized cannabis is the industries and businesses that pop up to support the farms and needs of retail organizations, including insurance and technology firms.

Lower Law Enforcement Costs It's no secret that the war on drugs has been costly and less than effective. What are your thoughts on legalization? Shun them or continue to patronize? Not too long before Treatwell Health CEO Alison Ettel destroyed her brand and her career in Casual sex dating in calvin ok 74531 nascent cannabis industry with her ill-advised phone call, she was in a nearly identical position: The arrangement nonetheless until lately had generated nothing but positive press for the company. The Permit Problem Nearly everywhere cannabis is sold, sellers and manufacturers need a permit from some kind of licensing authority. That seems reasonable, given cannabis is a psychoactive drug with the potential to cause some harm even though, by almost every metric, the benefits far outweigh any problems.

But not every cannabis maker can qualify for a permit. They might be growing cannabis on a hillside that was graded incorrectly or is too close to a watershed. They might not be able to afford a permit. They could be the nice old hippie couple next door. They could be your friend from school. There is a nearly endless list of possible permutations of a basic situation: Further confusing the situation is the fact that such cannabis may be the only or the best available cannabis, even in an otherwise regulated market. And either way, is it a problem? Prior to legalization, contamination from toxins like pesticides even in established markets like California were endemic.

In a way, this is a question of ideology. A bottle of water is not a bag of weed, but Casual sex dating in calvin ok 74531 is an honest analogy to be made. Is the unlicensed cannabis product safe? Is the producer taking care of the environment—and is it the best or even just the preferred product available to the consumer? Wide World Of Weed: Boaty McBoatface, ring any bells? How about the Chuck Norris pedestrian bridge fiasco? The latest in a long line of naming mishaps comes from the tiny Northern European country Estonia. Located in the southeastern part of Estonia, Kanepi is home to approximately 5, people. When the town decided to hold a vote for a new symbol earlier this year, oddly enough, more than 12, people voted for a cannabis leaf.

Following the election, the familiar seven-pointed leaf we all know and love was officially adopted as the town symbol. Kanep just so happens to be the Estonian word for cannabis. Although weed is still illegal in Estonia, possession usually results in only a fine. How would you feel if your town changed its symbol to a pot leaf? Cannabis Banking Bill Shot Down By Senate The surging legal marijuana industry could really benefit from traditional access to the banking industry. Unfortunately, the Senate disagrees. More than half of U. Despite this unprecedented momentum, however, cannabis remains illegal at the federal level, which has forced those in the legal marijuana industry to deal almost entirely in cash.

Introduced by Senator Jeff Merkley of Oregon, an amendment attached to a federal finance bill would have given the industry with access to banking services, but it was shot down by a U. Senate Appropriations committee on June 21 by a vote of A parallel amendment failed in the House the week before. Inthe Obama Administration issued revised guidelines that loosened the restrictions somewhat, but virtually all banks kept their distance, still fearful of serving canna-businesses. Until positive legislation is passed, buying — and selling — legal cannabis will be needlessly complicated, and legal marijuana businesses will remain prime targets for violent criminals.

The city has been on the leading edge of the industry since the earliest days of decriminalization and legalization in the states. Seattle, Washington Seattle was one of the pioneers of legal cannabis. Cannabis can be easily found, there are tons of landmarks to check out, and hiking trails abound. Plus, you can always catch a Seattle Sounders game. Home of more museums than you can count, D. Negril, Jamaica Jamaica and ganja go hand in hand. Snag a sack and enjoy the sun, sand, and surf. Costa Rica has decriminalized cannabis, and just so happens to be home to some of the most beautiful beaches in Central and South America.

Got a favorite summer vacation spot? Let us know your favorites in the comments! What the FDA Approval of Epidiolex Means for the Medical Marijuana Market Could the blatant contradictions of federal drug policies that categorize the cannabis plant as dangerous — but now consider the plant's most active compounds as safe — spur lasting change in federal cannabis policy? Earlier this week, the U. Epidiolex has not yet been scheduled, but has been approved for use in rare treatment-resistant epilepsy diagnoses such as Lennox-Gastaut syndrome and Dravet syndrome. In a press release announcing the approval, GW says it expects to be scheduled and available for prescription within 90 days.

It is possible that in the future it could be prescribed for off-label use. The cost is still to be determined. A Long-Awaited Approval This approval has been both anticipated and feared in the cannabis community. The fearful include activists and West Coast patient communities that see the approval of these drugs as the true end of state compassion programs. The blatant contradictions of a policy that categorizes the plant as dangerous and its most active compounds, THC and CBD, as safe is already being used by advocates to push for federal change in cannabis policy.

In a pre-emptive statement, the FDA immediately rebutted that claim and used the opportunity instead to stress the importance of clinical trials on isolated compounds saying: This is the approval of one specific CBD medication for a specific use. And it was based on well-controlled clinical trials evaluating the use of this compound in the treatment of a specific condition. Moreover, this is a purified form of CBD. This is how sound medical science is advanced. Educated use is incredibly safe and the worst side effect of uneducated or naive use is anxiety and paranoia. As far as deaths or long-term health damage, cannabis is safer than alcohol, cigarettes, sugar, food additives, and most over-the-counter and prescription medications.

While GW Pharmaceuticals holds a host of controversial patents on cannabinoid medicines, many farmers are not expressing concern, but those worried about plant patenting are saying now is a good time to protect common use genetics. Schecter is the executive director of the non-profit Open Cannabis Project, which is currently working to open-source cannabis varietal data to prevent predatory patenting that would threaten genetics farmers are already growing. She says the OCP is sequencing botanical varieties, so extracts and pharmaceutical isolates like Epidiolex fall outside the realm of what they are covering, but more of the industry should be working to open source data before the impending wave of drugs that will follow this approval.

She also points to the unfair nature of the foreign research that allowed GW Pharmaceuticals to be the first. Naturally, only the best-financed firms can afford to research, develop, and market new drugs. Last year, researchers looking to study cannabis for the treatment of PTSD in war veterans were sent moldy samples to work with, stalling the project. GW Pharmaceuticals, on the other hand, is located in Great Britain and enjoys government support and the exclusive legal right to grow large warehouses of botanical high quality cannabis to conduct its research and development. What Does This Mean for the Market?

Questions are mounting about the ramifications of the approval on the national CBD market. History has been made with the first cannabinoid-based pharmaceutical in the U. The administration of a whole plant botanical extract is very different than the protocols for an isolated CBD. We look forward to continuing to serve the community as we always have! The DEA has previously reinforced that CBD is, in fact, not legal federally, but so far they have not cracked down on licensed and regulated producers in medical, recreational, and CBD-only states. Much of the current approach to drugs and medicine in the U. The idea that a single plant compound that has been tested in isolation is safer than a natural plant compound taken in the way other plants are consumed is an unproven theory, but one that remains incredibly profitable for pharmaceutical companies and the greater healthcare-industrial complex at large.

Inside the Last Opposition to Legal Cannabis: Lessons from Mormon Church Investments While 94 percent of Americans support access to medical cannabis, it remains a crime for any reason in 31 states and at the federal level. These numbers are beyond baffling considering traditionally conservative states like Utah, Missouri, and Oklahoma actually support in-state medical cannabis programs but are still having to beg for money and mercy to change the law and decriminalize their use. What is holding these states back? Publicly, the influential opposition has maintained its hold on these 31 states by inflaming the culture war between conservative and liberal ideologies.

Let that be a lesson from the world of cannabis to all American politics! From late through mid, I lived in Salt Lake City and commuted to work for a cannabis magazine in Berkeley, in my home state of California. During that time, Utah became the first state in the nation to pass a CBD-only medical cannabis law. Despite the Mormon-led movement towards medical cannabis pushing the issue to critical mass, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints LDS worked behind the scenes then to kill the bill and would do it two more times in the state legislature.

It qualified for the November ballot on April 20 and support for the issue is now hovering between 70 and 80 percent in most state polls. In May, the Mormon Church declared its opposition in conjunction with a paid campaign led by the Utah Medical Association with support from DEA-affiliated law enforcement groups to approach signers of the initiative petition and ask them to remove their signature. This attempt was unsuccessful. It's About Money What exactly was motivating them to put so much money and energy into preventing the chronic and fatally ill access to non-toxic botanical cannabis plant?

As a patient myself, I want to believe they are motivated by ignorance because it excuses the fact that they are pushing for people like me to suffer needlessly. But, for years, I and others have hypothesized that the LDS Church may have significant financial holdings in pharmaceutical companies threatened by legalized cannabis and that may be what truly motivates their opposition. It looks like the financial incentive is now fact, not speculation. Late last month the website MormonLeaks. I combed through this list and made some startling discoveries. They also own stock in major opiate manufacturers, companies that make opiate addiction treatment drugs and for-profit drug rehabs specializing in opiate addiction.

None of these shenanigans will end — and therefore no patient or consumer will be safe — until the federal government fully decriminalizes all interactions with the cannabis plant and removes it entirely from the Controlled Substances Act. It is regularly prescribed to children and adults and considered safe to drive on after the user develops a tolerance. Of course, the irony in this is that the existence of THC — a Schedule III drug — is what is used to justify the Schedule I status of the cannabis plant as well as the continued over-regulation of high-THC producing cannabis in states where it is legal.

Abbott Laboratories currently owns the rights to the drug Dexabinol originally developed by Solvay Pharmaceuticalswhich is also a synthetic cannabinoid drug. AbbVie is a spin-off independent company of Abbott Laboratories and is the current manufacturer of Marinol. Humira is among the most profitable drugs in world history and makes tens of billions a year in net profits. As cannabis and diet therapy continues to show more and more promise for people like me, they become a major threat to the bottom lines of companies like Abbott Laboratories and AbbVie. Oh yeah, and drugs like Humira and Remicade work by suppressing the immune system, meaning users are plagued with infections, their chances of cancer increase over time it, and side effects can become unbearable.

I say this from first-hand experience. For the person who is allergic to dust mites, purchasing an air purifier can greatly increase their comfort level and breathing. Outdoor Allergies Another common reason for purchasing purifiers today are for those people Outside Carpet Bessie OK who suffer from outdoor allergies. In the springtime, many people deal with allergies like pollen and mold. During the worst times of the season, some of the outdoor allergens are bound to get inside. For that reason, it is highly recommend to get an air purifier to help purify the air. Second Hand Smoke Countless studies have been done recently about the dangers of second hand smoking. Some studies have Bessie OK shown that second hand smoking can be just as dangerous as it is for the smoker.

Second hand smoke can be detrimental to the health of children and other people in Bessie OK the household, especially the younger children. Removing odors from the home. Pets can often stain the carpet in the home. Food left out in the kitchen can change the odor throughout the home. In older homes, there are countless other factors that can change the smell in the home. Old floors can have a smell, Bessie OK and walls with lead paint or asbestos can have a smell too. If a home has a mold issue inside, this can also cause a foul odor inside the home. Getting several air purifiers for the home should help alleviate most of the odors that are dominating the home.

Getting the carpet cleaned by a professional carpet cleaner is not the only answer to get the home smelling great Bessie OK again. The living air purifier is one of the leading products on the market today. When it is time to purchase purifiers for your home, look to make your purchase at a dealer or reputable website that specializes in the best purifiers on the market today. Indoor Carpet Bessie OK A walk-off mat is the term used to describe floor mats that may scrape, wipe, or otherwise contain debris that may enter into a facility on the under soles of shoes. These mats are placed outside the entrance of the establishment and are often called scraper walk-off mats.

Scraper walk-off mats are usually made of weatherproof polypropylene, rubber, or vinyl. They feature prongs and nubs to aggressively remove any debris or dirt from under Bessie OK the shoes. On the other hand, wiper walk-off mats are mostly made of carpet so it can absorb moisture. It is also effective in wiping loosened debris from the shoes. Aside from these two types of products, there are other types of commercial walk off mats that are worth investigating: This commercial-strength product features a rubber backing, which will prevent Carpet Sale Bessie OK any slippage.

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