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Under Nerothe pay of a Praetorian was three and a half times that of a legionary, augmented by prime additions of donativumgranted by each new emperor. This additional fwmale was the equivalent of several years of pay, and was bridgs repeated at important events of the empire, or events that touched the imperial family: Major monetary Indibidual or food subsidies renewed and compensated the fidelity of the Praetorians following each failed particular attempted plot such as that of Messalina against Claudius German sluts in marieville AD 48 or Piso against Nero in AD Feared and dreaded by the population and by the Roman Senatethe Praetorians got no shred of sympathy from the Roman people.

A famous poem by Juvenal recalls the nail left in his foot by the sandal of a Praetorian rushing by him. The Praetorians received substantially higher femqle [1] than other Roman soldiers in any of the legions, on a system known as sesquiplex stipendum, or by IIndividual. So if the legionaries received denariithe guards received per annum year. Domitian and Septimius Severus increased the stipendum payment to Free sex dating in springfield il 62776, denarii per year, distributed in January, May and September.

History[ edit ] In Bgidge Romepraetors were either civic or military leaders. The praetorianus were initially elite guards for military praetors, under the Republic. The early Praetorian Guard differed greatly from that in later times, which cemale to be a vital force in the power sscorts of Rome. While Augustus understood the need to have a protector in the maelstrom of Rome, he was careful to uphold the Republican veneer of his regime. Thus, he allowed only nine platine to be formed, each originally consisting of paaltine. He then increased them to 1, men each, but allowed three units to be kept on duty at any given time in the capital. A small number of detached cavalry units turmae of 30 men each were also organized.

While they patrolled inconspicuously in the palace and major buildings, the others were stationed in the towns surrounding Rome. This system was not radically changed with the appointment by Augustus in 2 BC of two Praetorian prefectsQuintus Ostorius Scapula and Publius Salvius Aperalthough organization and command were enhanced. Tacitus reports that the number of cohorts was increased to twelve from nine in AD In AD 69 it was briefly increased to sixteen cohorts by Vitelliusbut Vespasian quickly reduced it again to nine. Every afternoon, the serving tribune of the cohort would receive the password from the emperor personally.

The command of this cohort was assumed directly by the emperor and not by the Praetorian prefect. After the construction of the Praetorian camp in 23 BC, there was another similar serving tribune placed in the Praetorian camp accordingly. Their functions included, among many, the escort of the emperor and the members of the imperial family, and if necessary to act as a sort of anti-riot police. Certain Empresses commanded exclusively their own Praetorian Guard. According to Tacitus, in the year 23 BC, there were nine Praetorian cohorts men, the equivalent of a legion to maintain peace in Italy ; three were stationed in Rome, and the others, nearby.

Their mandatory service period was shorter than that of the legionaries: An inscription recently discovered suggests that, towards the end of the reign of Augustusthe number of cohorts increased to 12 during a brief period. According to Tacitus, there were only nine cohorts in 23 AD. The three urban cohorts, which were numbered consecutively after the Praetorian cohorts, were removed near the end of the reign of Augustus; it seemed probable that the last three Praetorian cohorts were simply renamed as Urban Cohorts. The first intervention of the Praetorians on a battlefield since the wars of the end of the Republic took place during the mutinies of Pannonia and the mutinies of Germania.

On the death of Augustus in AD 14, his successor Tiberius was confronted by mutinies in the two armies of the Rhine and Pannonia, who were protesting about their conditions of service, in comparison with the Praetorians. The mutiny in Germania was repressed by the nephew and designated heir of Tiberius, Germanicuswho later led legions and detachments of the Guard in a two-year campaign in Germania, and succeeded in recovering two of the three legionary eagles which had been lost at the Battle of the Teutoburg Forest.

It was under Tiberius that Lucius Aelius Seianus Sejanus rose in power and was among the first prefects to exploit his position to pursue his own ambitions. He concentrated under his command all the Praetorian cohorts in the new camp. Sejanus held the title of prefect jointly with his father, under Augustus, but became sole prefect in AD He used that position to render himself essential to the new emperor Tiberius, who was unable to persuade the Senate to share the responsibility of governing the Empire. Sejanus, however, alienated Drusus, son of Tiberius, and when the heir to the throne, Germanicusdied in AD 19, he was worried that Drusus would become the new emperor.

Accordingly, he poisoned Drusus with the help of the latter's wife, and then immediately launched a ruthless elimination program against all competitors, persuading Tiberius to make him his heir apparent. He almost succeeded, but his plot was discovered and revealed in AD 31 and he was subsequently killed. Emperor Tiberius used for this purpose the Cohortes urbanae which were not under the control of Sejanus. Under Caligula, whose reign lasted until AD 41, the overall strength of the Guard increased from 9 to 12 Praetorian cohorts. According to one version of the story of Claudius' accession, members of the Praetorian Guard found him hiding behind a curtain in the aftermath of the assassination of Caligula in AD 41, and proclaimed him emperor.

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In year 41, it was disgust and hostility of a praetorian tribune, named Cassius Chaerea — whom Caligula teased without mercy due to his squeaky voice — which led to the assassination Individual female escorts in palatine bridge the emperor by officers of the guard. While the Imperial German Bodyguard sacked all in a search to apprehend the murderers, the Senate proclaimed the restoration of Individual female escorts in palatine bridge Republic. The Praetorians, which were pillaging the Palace, discovered Claudiusuncle of Caligulahidden behind a curtain.

Needing an emperor to justify their own existence, they brought him forth to the Praetorian camp and proclaimed him emperor. He is the first emperor proclaimed by the Praetorian Guard and compensated the guard with a prime bonus worth five years their salary. When Claudius was poisoned, the Guard transferred their allegiance to Nero through the influence of his Praetorian prefect Sextus Afranius Burruswho exercised a beneficial influence on the new emperor during the first five years of his reign. Officers of the Guard, including one of the two successors of Burrus as the Praetorian prefect, participated in Piso's conspiracy in year The other Praetorian prefect, Tigellinusheaded the suppression of the conspiracy, and the Guard was compensated with a bonus of denarii for each man.

Nymphidius Sabinushad promised denarius per man, but Galba refused to pay that amount because he stated "It is my habit to recruit soldiers and not buy them". This permitted his rival Otho to bribe 23 Speculatores of the Praetorian Guard to proclaim him emperor. Despite the opposition of the cohorts in service in the palace, Galba and his designated successor, the young Pison, were lynched on January After supporting Otho against a third contender Vitelliusthe Praetorians were restrained following defeat and their centurions executed. They were replaced by 16 cohorts recruited from the legionnaires and auxiliaries loyal to Vitellius, almost 16, men.

These ex-Praetorians then aided Vespasianthe fourth Emperor, leading the attack against the Praetorian camp. Flavian dynasty[ edit ] Under the Flavians, the Praetorians formed 9 new cohorts, of which Titusson of the emperor Vespasianbecame the prefect. Vespasian returned the effective strength of each unit to five hundred men. He also cancelled the guard service of the Praetorians at the entry to the emperor's palace, but retained guards within the palace itself. Under Vespasian's second son, Domitianthe number of cohorts was increased to 10, and the Praetorian Guard participated in fighting in Germania and on the Danube against the Dacians. It was in the course of these actions that the prefect Cornelius Fuscus was defeated and killed in Antonine dynasty[ edit ] Following assassination of Domitian in 96 the Praetorians demanded the execution of their prefect, Petronius Secundus, who had been implicated in the murder.

The Guard supported Trajancommander of the Army of the Rhine, as new emperor. At the death of Nervaat the beginning of 98, Trajan executed the remaining Praetorian prefect and his partisans. Trajan returned to Rome from the Rhine, probably accompanied by the new unit of equites singulares Augusti. The Praetorian Guard served in the last campaign of Trajan against the Parthians of — Two prefects were killed during these expeditions. With the accession of Commodusinthe Praetorian Guard returned to Rome. Perennis was killed by a delegation of persons of Great Britain which came forth to complain about his interference in the affairs of the province a delegation of Lanciarii of the 3 legions of Great Britain.

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